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Retaining Walls/Concrete Work/Foundation Repair

Foundation, Concrete Work & Everything Else–Call M. Leon

Do you know what a ‘floating foundation’ is? Back in the day, some homes in Portland and surrounding areas were built on little piers as the foundation. As the ground water table swelled up, the earth and thus the house would ‘float’. After an especially rainy season, one might find the doors not shutting property in their jambs.   Needless to say, they don’t make homes that way anymore.

My wonderful sellers and I received an offer just under the list price within the first week of listing but the floating foundation scared the you know what out of her.  Within two weeks we had a second offer at full price–floating foundation aside, the home was just what he had been looking for.  We called up M Leon Construction and they did an incredible job creating a foundation where there hadn’t been any.  The project was completed on time and we had wonderful communication throughout. My clients and the buyer were thrilled and everyone moved on with their lives.

With another listing of mine, the buyers wanted some additional work done on the homes foundation (it was situated at the top of Forest Heights). How relieved I was when the selling broker said he wanted M. Leon to come look at it. They made the easy repair and again, my clients were happy and so was the buyer. 

My point is, M. Leon Construction is who I call whenever I have any need for retaining walls, foundation work, concrete work…they do it and do it well! Go here to see what they do for decks and fencing!

  • Drainage: French Drains, Surface Drains, Rain Drains, Hand Excavation
  • Basements: Skim Coat, Waterproofing, Dig-outs
  • Crawlspaces: Standing Water, Clean-Out, Dig-Out Dry Rot, Vapor Barrier Repair, Posts/Piers, Sump Pumps
  • Dry Rot: Beans/Posts, Crawl Spaces, Insect Damage
  • Foundations: Cracks, Repairs, Reinforcement Replacement
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  • PHONE: 503-643-6631
  • CCB:  #36771