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Your Home Inspector Better Be Great!

Why on earth wouldn’t you hire the best Home Inspector?

For most people, purchasing a home is their biggest financial investment. Whether it’s their first home or first vacation home, smart buyers know the value of having their potential property fully inspected. While inspectors can only evaluate what is visible, taking full advantage of the inspection period as outlined in your contract is critical.

I don’t work with inspectors who give me ‘yes ma’am’ lip service. I work with the ones that do the most thorough job and find the most problems.  THAT’s what I’m looking for. Problems. Big or small, I want my clients (both sellers and buyers) to know what the issues are (if any) and what needs to be done to correct them so that they can make the choice of continuing forward or cancelling the contract.

A client recently told me she was ‘warned by her friends to not trust her realtor’s inspector because they just want the house to close and get paid’. Yikes! I was speechless. I suppose there are people in every business that operate outside their clients best interest.  To be clear. I don’t.

This is your one time to find out what is visibly wrong with your home or your future home.   You’d better have an inspector who knows what they are doing. Short cutting the process and hiring inspectors to close their eyes to things just to get to closing is a volcano waiting to happen. Oh yeah and it’s breaking the law. Ben & Kevin (below) don’t work with agents like that and I don’t work with inspectors who would……

My client ended up having a great conversation with Ben before she hired him and had a really good inspection experience with tons of detail and a list of maintenace items to follow up on as a home owner (it was bank owned) but nothing critical or serious.  By the way…if you can’t trust your Realtor…you’ve got the wrong one.




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