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Gutter Care: Keep ‘em Clear!

Do it yourself, or hire it out—but keep your gutters cleaned out!


Keeping  your gutters cleaned out is more than just making the exterior of your home look good….

  • Prevents clogging which can overflow causing improper draining too close to your foundation/basement and from leaking into the attic/crawl space via the roof!
  • Keeps the fascia boards from being soaked–once this wood rots, then all of it needs to be replaced which requries taking down all the gutters–and putting them back up.
  • In cold/freezing weather, having cleared gutters prevents them from freezing, causing too much weight in the gutters….and yes, not only do they become loose, they can come off!
  • Twice a year keeps the run off water away from your house!
  • Keep tall trees and shrubs from touching or hanging over you home. If you live with trees all around you, then installing one of the ‘covered gutter’ options would make a lot of sense.


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