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Portland City Center Real Estate

Real Estate - In the Heart of Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland Real Estate

The two neighborhoods in the heart of Downtown Portland are The Pearl and Downtown/City Center.

Downtown Portland  housing has slowly been revitalized over the last several years. From refurbishing grand old apartment buildings to tearing down old buildings and putting up new towers of condos, there is something pretty cool about working, living and walking through life in the heart of a great city like Portland.

Real Estate in The Pearl boasts some of the coolest, hippest and hottest housing trends in the city. From weary old warehouses 15 years ago to stunning lofts with spacious views today, this is a special part of town that will magically draw you in.

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Beds:1 Baths:1.1
SqFt:1228 YrBlt:2007
Beds:1 Baths:1.0
SqFt:694 YrBlt:1982
1221 SW 10TH AVE 1601
Beds:2 Baths:3.0
SqFt:4377 YrBlt:2006
720 NW 14TH AVE 712
Beds:3 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2239 YrBlt:2007
333 NW 9th AVE 1405
Beds:2 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2550 YrBlt:2005
1260 NW NAITO PKWY 1001
Beds:3 Baths:3.1
SqFt:3185 YrBlt:2007
311 NW 12TH AVE 802
Beds:2 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2078 YrBlt:2007
1414 SW 3RD AVE 2201
Beds:2 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1915 YrBlt:1985
1414 SW 3RD AVE 2001
Beds:2 Baths:2.0
SqFt:1999 YrBlt:1985
416 NW 13TH AVE 501-3
Beds:3 Baths:2.1
SqFt:2254 YrBlt:1910


Bank Owned Only

1 - 1 of 1 active listings.
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1400 NW IRVING ST 412
Beds:0 Baths:1.0
SqFt:772 YrBlt:1923